Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year, from sunny (but chilly) Cyprus

We don't usually do anything for New Year's Eve - I don't think I've stayed up till midnight at New Year since the beginning of 2000. A new century and millennium, after all, is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Even if the new millennium did 'really' start a year later. But we were all hyped up for the number changeover, and I managed to keep awake, if only to be reassured that our electricity and water kept working without problem.

But, since then, not being a night owl, I tend to go to bed around 10.30 whatever day it is. Last night was no exception. Tim had invited some of his youth group friends over - they were going to play games in the guest flat. He had no idea who might come; several of them had said that they had nothing to do, but only two had actually responded. In the event, only one of them came - a friend we know quite well. So he and Tim sat downstairs and chatted awhile, then came upstairs and we had some Christmas cake and talked some more. Then I went to bed, and they all stayed up till past midnight.

There were fireworks at the sea-front at midnight, ensuring the old year goes out with a bang. Tim and his friend had considered going downtown to buy something at one of the fast-food places, just to see if they would be given change in euros past midnight - but decided that it was too cold, and they were too tired. So they didn't.

Today has been distinctly chilly, though mostly sunny. For the first time this season we put the central heating on at lunch-time, as we were all sitting there in sweatshirts and fleeces, and still feeling cold.

So, 2008. Euros are now the currency of Cyprus. Happy New Year to anyone who passes by...

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