Monday, September 22, 2008

No more teenagers...

Today is Tim's 20th birthday. So I now have two sons in their twenties... no more teenagers. Odd, really - we weren't with either of them on their 20th birthdays. Daniel had joined the Doulos nine months before he was 20, and Tim has been in the UK for three months now. Registration and induction for his course at Newman University College starts tomorrow.

We both saw him online for a chat on Instant Messenger (typing) and phoned him this evening to talk, for the first time since we flew back to Cyprus without him six weeks ago. I am very thankful for modern technology that enables such good, effective instant communication.

A friend came over for a couple of hours this evening, bringing some rather nice cream cakes from Perseus bakery, which we ate to celebrate Tim's birthday, even though he can't be with us.

Next year he'll be 21, and we hope to be with him - probably in the UK. We were with Daniel for his 21st too. Twenty-one is supposed to be a big milestone, but somehow from a parental perspective, 20 feels like a bigger one. Or maybe it's just that, for both of them, it was the first one when we could not be together.

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