Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yet more rain in Cyprus

I think it has rained every day this week. Some light, some heavy. Sometimes for just a few minutes, sometimes for considerably longer. Sometimes accompanied by thunder and lightning. None of it, surprisingly, at the annoying angle that makes it come through our roof over the stairs. So all in all, I've been very thankful for the rain, albeit a bit sorry for anyone visiting Cyprus in the hope of some winter sunshine.

Mind you, the sun does usually shine in between the rain bursts. And while it's been on the chilly side, it's not really cold. I'm still going around in a warm fleece and sweatshirt, running the heating for an hour in the morning and a few hours in the evening, and using our double-thickness duvet at night. But people who arrived in Cyprus more recently, and tourists, seem to be going around in tee-shirts and shorts during the daytime. I have evidently acclimatised, at least somewhat.

I scan the online versions of the local newspapers every few days, to see what news there is about the drought situation. The Cyprus Mail a couple of days ago informed us that water is now almost double the levels it was this time a year ago. So that's encouraging.

Even more encouraging is that the current Minister for Agriculture appears to be a man with some sense and foresight. Plans for further desalination plants for Cyprus are not going to be cancelled this time, despite good amounts of rain.


Suzanne said...

So glad to hear about the rain and see the snow in Troodos.....the webcam is working great! Sorry we won't be able to see you and enjoy Cyprus this summer....Maybe next year. I still feel very conected due to your blog...Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Here you can see the amount of water in the dams... we are now at 21% which is not so much but last year was 11%... that is why we still see the water tank ship from Greece in Limassol...