Thursday, March 19, 2009

St Helena's Church website

I haven't blogged for ten days. Partly because nothing out of the ordinary has happened; partly because time seems to fly faster than ever; partly because we've been involved in setting up a basic website for St Helena's Church. After a fairly long period of trying to find local people who would produce something reasonable, the Chaplain finally spoke to us, having heard that we knew something about website design and maintenance.

They only wanted a few simple pages, including one advertising their wedding ministry as well as information about the congregation. Richard found a suitable free template and made some adjustments, and I dealt with the content. It didn't take long and we were glad to help: this is the church that Tim attended for two or three years, before he moved to the UK. He was their organist for his last two years here.

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Anonymous said...

A lovely site - well done!

I did notice a couple of tiny typo errors.