Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Books and DVDs

I went to the Post Office this morning first thing to collect mail from our box... Dan had to be at the theatre by 7am so I set my alarm earlier as his doesn't work well. Then when he'd gone, I went out. The PO opens at 7.30am and I had a registered letter to collect so I had to go into the office itself. It's a pleasant walk first thing in the morning, with not too much traffic about.

To my delight, all the rest of my order from Play.com had arrived. It was a great day for me when this company started selling books as well as CDs and DVDs. Their prices often rival (or are better than) those of Amazon.co.uk and best of all they do free postage anywhere in Europe. So there's no delay, no need to get them sent to a UK address, and no minimum order. The order contained a couple of thriller type DVDs for Richard, the special edition of Sound of Music (which was on special offer) for Tim - although I shall enjoy it too, and I think Dan will as well. There were also two Philip Yancey books, and 'Voyager' by Diana Gabaldon. I only ordered them just over a week ago.

The registered letter wasn't very interesting, however. Just a note to Richard telling him to change the passwords on an email account he never uses!

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