Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Food Processor

We didn't have a food processor until about six months ago. Well, we did when we lived in the UK, but I hardly ever used it. It seemed like such a hassle, somehow. But last year we saw a Moulinex Ovatio Duo (link shows the one at the Argos site) for £24 at the Thrift Store after noticing how useful they were to other people...

On Sunday I first used it to squeeze our daily six oranges for early morning juice. Then I used it to squeeze five lemons, since I had the juicing attachments in place and only needed to give them a quick rinse from the orange juice. Tim needed one for some stuffing, I needed four for the lemon meringue pies I was making for lunch.

Then I washed it out quickly and put in the plastic blade so I could make pastry. So easy in a food processor - none of that messy rubbing-in, just a quick whizz and a ball of pastry appears.

Then Tim used it to make two types of stuffing for the chicken. Breadcrumbs, lightly fried onions, lemon, mushrooms - just whizzed together. Then he did the same for some sage and onion stuffing.

As Tim pointed out, I could also have used it for whisking the egg whites to make the meringue, but I actually used my little handmixer for that as it's more controllable.

This morning I made orange juice as usual, then having been out to buy some pears I made our 'live porridge'for breakfast: nuts, seeds, raisins, pears. And a few strawberries to make it slightly more attractive, since strawberries are now in season in Cyprus. Yum!


Unknown said...


We live in Nicosia, and don't know where the Argos Store is. We would love to be able to get stuff from this store.

Many thanks, Pete & Rhian

Sue said...

Address for the Nicosia store is 40A Piraeus Street, Strovolos. Phone number 22-510152