Tuesday, May 31, 2005


This morning dawned bright and sunny as usual for the time of year. After lunch it did cloud over a bit, as it has done for the last few days, but although I thought we might have a few drops of rain - as yesterday - I was more interested in the way the sky looked. There were a few rumbles of thunder evidently getting closer....

Suddenly it started raining, but not just spotting - it was proper rain and sounded quite heavy. My first thought was for the feral kittens - their only shelter was a cardboard box but that would turn soggy very quickly. It was under some trees, but not enough to stop rain pouring through. So I grabbed a kagoule and rushed out, to find some very wet-looking kittens! One of them managed to find a dry place so I moved some of the others there, but then the rain got so heavy that even that place was getting drips. So they all climbed on my lap and I sheltered them for a bit, assuming it would be five minutes of rain at most.  Posted by Hello


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