Thursday, June 02, 2005


Yesterday there was a bit more rain, though it wasn't very heavy, and today it's been pleasantly breezy, about 28C at most I guess, with yet more clouds around lunchtime. We were celebrating the fact that summer isn't yet here, and how unusual it seems, so I had a quick read of the June entries from previous years on the family home page. And what a surprise... last year, although we had no rain after early April, it wasn't too hot by early June. In 2004, we had half an hour's heavy rain on June 2nd and, again, the temps were still reasonable.

Why do we have this idea that by the end of May we'll be roasting in constant sunshine, I wonder? In our first few years here it was a bit hotter - there was a bad drought for a few years, and also we hadn't acclimatised. But in general it seems that other than a possible brief heatwave during May, summer doesn't really start with a vengeance until at least mid-June. Humidity doesn't get bad until early July. So although the summers are hot, they only really last about three months.

This morning I went out to pay the phone bill, and check our PO box. I didn't go till nearly noon since there seemed to be a lot to do beforehand, including a science test for Tim. Even at midday it wasn't too hot, and although I did feel a bit warm by the time I got home - at nearly lunchtime - I was wearing long trousers and had walked about three kilometres, so I'd be warm even in winter.

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Anonymous said...

yeah it did rain heavley to in alexandria egypt for more than 4 hours..that's really incredible for this time of the year don't u think?my gosh....
i haven't seen rain like thisfor ages..