Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Well the seven feral kittens are still fine, but one of our four adult cats has been missing for a couple of days :-(. It's Jemima, the one who considers herself to be my cat. I didn't worry much when we didn't see her yesterday - in the summer she often sleeps all morning, wanders in for a snack at some point during the day, and then goes outside again in the evening. Usually I get at least some glimpse of her, but it was entirely possible I'd missed her...

But today she still hasn't been around. I've been keeping an ear out, and called for her several times; Dan went out and hunted around the whole neighbourhood earlier this evening. The other three are fine, but no Jemima.

It's the first time this has happened to us, but of course cats do vanish. The worrying thing is that some Cypriots like to poison cats with a most unpleasant substance that's illegal in the rest of Europe. Or of course she could have been run over, but she's not a cat who wanders far form our house, and she has pretty good road sense. I now wonder if she's been jealous of the attention I've been giving the kittens and has run away - but where would a cat run?

All we can do is hope and pray and wait.


Jenni said...

Aw, that's not so cool =( I'll be praying for her safe return

Sue said...

Thanks, JJ... you'll see from the most recent post that she came back, though not very happy, so I really appreciate your caring and praying.