Saturday, June 04, 2005


The boys have been wearing shorts for weeks now but I've stayed in jeans or at least long cotton trousers. But today, I decided, was the day to move to shorts - probably for the next few months. I much prefer jeans but with temps of 29C (in the shade) and predicted to be over 30 in the next week, I may as well stay as cool as I can.

Ironically Tim did wear jeans today for the first time in a while, as he was going up to the Troodos mountains, to help put up tents for an organisation we're friendly with. It's much cooler in the mountains, though only about an hour and 45 minutes away. He was collected at 7.20am and got back about 4.30pm. Apparently it was pouring with rain over lunchtime; thankfully he and someone else had succeeded in getting all the electrics working, and the tents had been put up by the time it started. But rather than a brief shower, it was torrential and long-lasting, a bit like the rain we had here on Tuesday.

Daniel would love to have gone to help too, but had his Grade 5 music theory exam today, early afternoon. Actually the first formal exam he's ever sat in a school building, since his home ed tests have been done at home. He's done practical music exams and also drama exams, but those aren't so stressful. However he was fairly well prepared and is pretty sure he's passed. The pass mark is only 66% so it shouldn't be too difficult. His theory teacher - a very nice lady - rang round all the students after the exam for a chat, and said all the others were very stressed as they had made stupid mistakes. Dan wasn't stressed at all - there was one German word he didn't know, but he shrugged and said it was two marks, so not a big deal. The transposing was easy as it was for his instrument (clarinet) and he went through the paper four times checking for mistakes.

Meanwhile I did a bit of cleaning, produced and copied our church bulletin, fed the feral kittens, did some laundry, and it was lunchtime. A friend (whose husband had also gone to Troodos) came to lunch and we chatted till mid-afternoon. Then I went to check email and read a few other blogs, and suddenly it's supper-time. Time flies sometimes...


Lora said...

Yes, and there always more things to be done with it.

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