Monday, August 01, 2005


After I'd posted yesterday's update, and switched the computer off, I suddenly clicked. No, I wasn't playing with my mouse! My mind was wandering idly around the universe, as it does, and for a moment I started thinking like Cypriots do. Their humour isn't like British humour, though it's compatible. Irony and satire work pretty well. But there's also a tendency to extreme exaggeration for the sake of making a point.

So, how would a Cypriot say, 'Our steaks are superb?'

I can imagine the restaurant owners brainstorming:

So good you'll come back next day.

No, that doesn't have a ring to it... how about...

So good you'll love them even if you don't like steak.

Hmm, that's the idea we want, but it's too long-winded.

Ah, I know... So good that even a vegetarian would love them! (Lots of laughter).

But then - and this is also fairly typical here - the idea gets passed to the person making the web-site, and he doesn't quite understand what the owners are trying to say. He also wants to make it a bit snappier, and as the web-site is for the restaurant itself, not the steaks, he changes the wording slightly. So it reads:

A steak house that even vegetarians will love.

Which, to the average meat-eating Cypriot, probably makes the point brilliantly.

Silly me for thinking it meant that it served vegetarian food...

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