Saturday, August 27, 2005


This is Cleo, the oldest of our four cats, and also the most nervous. Being almost all black, she isn't very photogenic so I was pleased to catch this picture of her this morning, sitting on the table on our patio. Pity about the hosepipe apparently running through her, but it would have taken ages to edit it out!

Cleo is about seven years old now. A friend found her in Nicosia in Summer 1998, a tiny kitten abandoned outside an undertakers'. There were some other kittens too, and some chocolate milk which a passerby had given them, but Cleo looked the most likely to survive. As indeed she has. She is the mother of Sophia and Jemima although we had her neutured shortly afterwards!

This is what she looked like shortly after we acquired her seven years ago. She wasn't a very attractive kitten at all; her thin legs and swollen belly show how undernourished she had been at one point. We've no idea how long she and her siblings had been in their box. But we're glad we found her.


jj said...

She's a beautiful looking cat, and very healthy too. I love black cats the best! My Emmy is black, although she has a white neck and chin, and white paws. Very lovely looking cat, is Cleo.

Jodi said...

She looks great now! 2 of our 4 cats are black and I agree it's hard to get a nice picture of them.