Thursday, August 18, 2005

We have a Digital Camera!

Richard got home last night :-) Not at 11pm, as he should have done, it was about 5am by the time he finally got in. He did phone from Gatwick to say he'd been horribly delayed so Tim and I didn't wait up for him. Sophia, who mysteriously seems to understand almost everything we say, was apparently expecting him at 11pm however since she started making a huge fuss around that time and making the mews she uses when talking about Richard. Evidently she didn't hear me telling Tim about the delay....

This morning when he unpacked, he produced the Canon Digital Camera we ordered (this post explains why we decided on this particular model). It's a bit smaller than I expected, but heavier than it looks. That's good, because I don't like very light cameras: they're too easy to shake when shooting. It's far more complicated than our previous basic Polaroid model, with a detailed and technical user guide, which I've peeked at a couple of times without much benefit. And it required all its software to be installed from the CD since I have Windows 2000. Picasa doesn't seem to recognise it at all, which is a bit of a nuisance, but it comes with something similar that does work.

Anyway, the easiest way to learn to use something is by trying it out, so here are a few of the photos I tried taking. I'm very pleased with the colours, the sharpness even at fairly close distances, and the flash indoors. Less pleased that it seems to consume batteries considerably faster than our old camera!

These were taken on auto setting. Click the ones that don't look quite so sharp if you want to see how clear they become in the larger versions. (Note to self: try lower quality images next time. Uploading these five pictures took nearly half an hour! Oops...)

This is a bit of bougainvillea hanging down in our porch. It really needs pruning, but we'll wait till the bracts have gone brown.

One of our lemon trees is doing extremely well... these are typical of the crop we expect to be ready by about November or December.

Here's a few of the many pomegrantes which are going to be ripe all at the same time in September. We never know what to do with so many, so the vast majority end up on the compost heap. Of course we eat some, and give away what we can.

Sophia, cleverest of our cats, realised she couldn't quite reach the water in my tall glass so she started dipping her paw in and drinking from the droplets she caught. I've never seen any other cat figure out how to do that! Of course it would have been easier for her to go to her water-bowl in the kitchen...

And here she is again, determined to stop me working on the current jigsaw puzzle.


jj said...

Sophia is one cute cat!

Anvilcloud said...

I wouldn't shoot at a low res unless you're sure that you won't want to print. You can use software to reduce the resolution for posting online -- best of both worlds.

Lora said...

At least she didn't knock the glass over to get to the water.

Fantastic photos. So nice to see your world again.

Alex said...

Welcome to the digital age! Just joking - you are already in it and using it by doing this blogging thing. I digress.

We've had a digicam since the Christmas after our son came on the scene and I love the thing. Ours is a pretty simple model, but it does take some nice pictures.

A couple of tips: Get either two 512MB memory cards or one huge memory card (1 gigabyte). I reckon having two is better - as you are less likely to lose two of these tiny things! (We ran out of memory on a two week holiday and had no PC to download the things to - 400megs was not enough memory! Our cam is a 4 megapixel model)
Tip 2: Think about investing in another battery - they do run down and without an extra you may miss some nice shots. Plus the batteries get 'tired' with time and use and finding a new one a few years from now may not be that easy.

PS Thanks for linking to my blog!

Jodi said...

Cute cat! I do love pet pictures!!