Saturday, September 24, 2005

Getting ready slowly...

So, I started today with a list of about 30 items to do before leaving for the UK tomorrow night. We thought we might try to get ready today, so we could have a dayoff tomorrow. Or, more likely, do all the things we'd forgotten...

Richard had mended the cable I accidentally destroyed last week, so I began cutting the grass fairly early this morning. At 9am some workmen arrived and began climbing over the roof, so we guessed they had come to mend it. Just as well, since they had taken a tile away so heavy rain could have led to disastrous leaking. When they started throwing leaves from the roof, and then hosing it down, I decided to abandon the grass for a while and do some inside jobs. To my surprise, they were here for over two hours and then left their ladder behind when they went, so weassume they'll be back.

This afternoon Richard cleared some boxes out of our garage so he could get the dinghy inside. Then we had to squash some boxes into bin-bags, and decided to burn the rest. There were a lot of branches and other wood that needed burning too, so we had a bonfire... until it started raining again. Thankfully I had cut the last bit of 'lawn' and put the lawnmower away, and I'd also cleaned the patio of all the dirt fromthe roof.

It's now 6.30 and I'm about half-way through my list for today. Some of the jobs are quite short, and I thought I'd just do this one which was to check whether blogging by email really does work. Just in case I get a chance to blog while in the UK. But ifnot, I'll be back in about four weeks.

(Note: It worked, but the formatting came out all wrong. So I've had to edit it. Oh well.)


Anvilcloud said...

Wishing you a great trip.

Lora said...

Have a great trip! Good luck with the rest of your list. Good thing you got anearly start.

Sue said...

Huh! I was amazed to see 13 comments attached to this message after returning. Less impressed to find that 11 of them were spam. What a pain to have to delete one-by-one. So at last I've installed the word verification thing - a pain, but perhaps it'll reduce blog spam.

Oh, and thanks Lora and AC for the 'real' comments and good wishes!

Canadian Vegetable said...

Hey, hope you have a good trip?

I noticed the same problems with blogging by email recently. I also noticed that my "links" were edited so that the HTML used would display, instead of showing as a link. So, I'm stuck going in to do edits -- there is no advantage if we have to do it twice.

What is up with that?

Have you managed to figure out how to get the bugs worked out with email blogging? I'd love to give it a serious workout, at least if I could use HTML!

Look on the bright side, at least this isn't a spam comment... ;)