Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dressing for the cold

Cyprus is known as a warm country, in general. It's certainly very warm in the Summer, and in Spring and Autumn (short though they both are) it's gorgeous - rather like the UK Summer.

Even in Winter it's not cold on a global scale, although our house feels very chilly. The weather site tells me the weather's up to about 18C [65F] during the daytime at present, down to about 8C [47F] overnight. That means we do have to light the fire in the evenings, and wear fleeces as well as sweaters, but it's not REALLY cold. Even if sometimes it feels that way.

However... on Monday Dan flies to Frankfurt (in Germany) and then has to take a train to a town not far away, for a conference prior to joining the Doulos. We looked up the Frankfurt temperatures, and they REALLY sound cold. Maximum of 1C for the next ten days, with snow showers, and down to -5C overnight. Brrrrrrrr. Chillier than Birmingham in the UK (where we come from) where the forecast is for rain and 'only' -1C overnight minimum.

Never mind! In October when we were in the UK we bought Dan a warm jacket from Primark, and also found a selection of warm gloves, some of which go back to our time in Colorado Springs in the USA (which was even colder than Frankfurt). And just before Christmas his friends at Antidote Theatre gave him some farewell presents, including a very warm hat thing. Actually it was meant to be a permanent reminder of the dog in Little Man's Best Friend but it's exactly the kind of thing Dan was hoping to buy anyway.

So, with a mug of warm herbal tea, he dressed up last night in the warm clothes he's going to wear to travel to Germany:

.. in the background, notice his room which he's decluttering and organising prior to going away. He's got rid of at least four large bin-liners of stuff so far...


Anvilcloud said...

How cold is your house in the morning when the temps go down to 8C? Because 8C is pretty cold for indoors. We set our thermostat for about 15C at night.

Sue said...

I guess it's about 12C first thing in the morning, sometimes colder. The house does retain a bit of heat overnight and the sun comes out about 7am usually so it warms up slowly. But with no central heating, there aren't any thermostats to set!

Steve Hayes said...

I tried one of those weather thingies, but I'm not sure if they work. Ours said 25C 76F, but the other one I've had seems to be stuck at 29C