Wednesday, March 08, 2006


It's been a very dry winter. There are rumours of more water rationing, like we had when we first moved here, even though there's a desalination plant now. But apparently it's not providing enough to cover the lack of rain and - more importantly - lack of snow in the mountains.

Still, our grass and weeds seem to thrive in cooler temperatures whether or not there's any rain. So for the last two Saturdays I've had the lawnmower out, trimming the main parts to keep it looking reasonably neat, and - in theory - reducing the number of mosquitoes. There are still bare patches but it's a lot more like a lawn than it was when we first moved here. When it's been cut, anyway.

There are some weeds near the end of the garden, which far too tall and thick for the lawnmower, however. I wasn't careful about keeping them all down earlier in the season, and now they're up to a metre high. They're easy enough to pull up, so every morning for the past ten days or so I've weeded a bit more. About half an hour is the most I can manage at a time, or my back starts to ache.

I'm determined to get rid of them all before we move...!

Today it's been raining. The forecast did predict showers 'later' but I thought it might be ten minutes worth of light rain I hung out a load of laundry about 10am. By 11am it was raining pretty heavily, and it's continued off and on all day. All to the good... and while the laundry is still out there, soaking wet, at least the garden will benefit. And - hopefully - the water supplies, if it continues.

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