Monday, June 05, 2006

I spoke too soon

Since lunch-time, it has got warmer and warmer. Tim went round the corner to do some photocopying, and said he was almost melting when he got home. He's had to go out again, to his singing lesson. It usually takes him five minutes to walk there, but he left quarter of an hour early, planning to walk very slowly.

I checked the weather site, which tells me it's 39C at present, in the shade. Ugh. That's over 100F, apparently. Our house isn't THAT hot but according to the kitchen scales it's 30C in there. Probably about the same in here. So in a moment I'll switch off the computer, as they don't do well at these kinds of temperatures.

Here's how the cats are trying to stay cool:

Sophia's stretched out on a windowsill. It would be hotter if the window were open.

Jemima's on top of a rattan bookcase. It's quite a good place in hot weather as there's circulation of air all round.

Tessie's on my in-tray, on top of a low bookcase. Doesn't seem to be helping much. Maybe she thought it would work like a rattan bookcase.

Cleo is frankly miserable. She's outside, where by rights it should be cooler than inside. when I took her picture, she attacked me. I expect she was telling me I should switch the heating off.

Richard has been in Egypt for a week, and returns tonight. He likes hot weather, but this heat would be a bit too warm even for him. Still, it should cool down a little by the evening. Since I started typing, the weather site has reduced the temperature by one degree. Better than nothing. It says that tomorrow it will 'only' be 31C, but then it said today's maximum would be 33C.

I really hope we're not going to have an excessively hot summer.


mreddie said...

I'm a little rusty on the temp conversion scale but that sounds very hot for this early in summer. ec

Steve Hayes said...

Your weather thingy is more up to date than mine -- it showed 7:30 pm, and mine showed 2:00 pm, when it was apparently comfortably over 20, but it's gone down now that the sun has set, I'm sure.