Thursday, June 15, 2006

Packing, day eight

It's getting a bit repetitive, really. We packed another box of clothes last night, sorted out old clothes for painting (which can then be thrown afterwards), and allocated some for a charity shop. We also threw out some ancient and very tatty clothes which Richard had kept for painting already. Like three pairs of holey trainers... he did keep the fourth and least holey to paint in but doesn't need them all. We should really throw out ancient and tatty clothing a little more often!

I sorted and packed some magazines, then went through my 'Sunday School' drawer and put aside most of it for recycling. I seem to have kept everything that wasn't used, much of which isn't relevant at all other than for the specific lessons.

Richard created another box for bits and pieces, then he got down several boxes and other stuff that was on top of our built-in closets. That included a large pile of oil paintings (inherited from my grandmother, who was an artist) which we wrapped in bubble-wrap and then packed in another couple of boxes, along with some large size photographs.

It never seems like we achieve very much, but I suppose it's all progress towards the goal. Eight evenings of packing means we've done at least 16 hours of work, and it's much less stressful to do it over several evenings than two days full-time. Or, more likely, one day at the end!

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