Monday, June 12, 2006

Packing, day five

Yesterday we were invited to lunch with some friends, which was very pleasant. We got home about 4.30, I suppose, not at all inspired to continue with our packing.

But we thought we'd do a bit more of Daniel's 'stuff'. We packed the rest of his books (two more boxes) and yet more clutter which we discovered around his room. Richard then moved all the boxes packed so far, in order to access Dan's wardrobe where he discovered a few clothes hanging up, a huge pile of magazines, and yet more clutter, which we packed.

Perhaps we should have waited, since this morning I got an email from him, saying:

Anything which your or dad wouldn't keep, chuck. I'll start collecting random junk again anyway once I get back, and so don't need any head start. :-)

Oh well. Three boxes of random junk belonging to Dan are packed. But if we come across yet more, we'll chuck it.

Richard also packed our videos - mostly from the boys' schooldays in the UK, these are VHS copies of concerts and assemblies they took part in - and the old family films we had in a top cupboard. I gather it's now very inexpensive to get some equipment for the computer which enables videos to be converted to DVD. When we're settled in the new place, we will probably do this - borrowing a VHS machine from Richard's office - then we'll have everything we might want to see easily accessible on DVD.

It didn't seem like we did very much (I did considerably less than Richard), but we were both exhausted after a couple of hours.

Today I'm sorting out paperwork and old magazines. I was delighted to learn that there are paper recycling facilities at the Dhekelia army base, and that some friends from church go there once a week and would be happy to collect any paper we want recycled. For eight years I have felt bad every time I've thrown out a lot of paper, but I'm much happier knowing it will be recycled. It's inspired us to get rid of all kinds of old magazines, newsletters and personal letters dating even from the 1990s, and other random paperwork which has been accumulating in folders.

I just hope our friends don't freak when they see the amount of paper we're going to produce for them...!

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