Friday, June 16, 2006

Packing, day nine

Yesterday a friend lent us 24 boxes for packing books. They were a bit smaller than we had expected: each one only took less than a shelf of books. However they were light enough when full that even I can carry them easily. I even packed some of them, and Sophia tried to help. Or hinder... we're never entirely sure which:

We had already packed about six bookcases, and last night's effort did about another four. So that's over half-way with the books now - only another five or so bookcases to go. Today we've borrowed some larger boxes, although as it's the Youth Group variety night, and Richard is doing the PA for it, today is a non-packing day.

Just packing 24 small boxes of books took over an hour. We also did the 'sewing stuff', and combined that with a few other bits and pieces in a largish box. Plus a few random items from our tool shelves. Dan's room is beginning to look rather full:

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mreddie said...

Packing can seem like an eternal job - and then just to unpack them at the other end. My daughter is moving halfway across the country and is going through some of the same stuff. She is moving to Texas, almost exactly 1000 miles away - much too far. ec