Sunday, June 18, 2006

Packing, day ten

With Friday as a 'day off' packing (sort of...) Saturday was day ten. Amazingly, we seem to have done over half the necessary packing and there are still two weeks to go. What's more, it is taking up less than half the floor space in Dan's room. We won't move furniture, of course. But the boxes are remarkably neat and tidy, and rather less than we had expected.

We were going out in the evening, so spent some of the morning packing yet more book boxes. The majority is now done: all the books on Richard's shelves, and the rest of the family fiction. Only Tim's left to do now. We probably have about 3,000 books altogether so it's been quite a task. No doubt we should get rid of some, but books are the one thing we keep collecting and rarely throw out. Friends borrow them, and we all read them, so I don't think it's a problem.

Richard also packed some of his tools - an ongoing and complex task as they don't really have places to live even in this house, and he's not sure (a) which he might need before moving and (b) which he might need in our first week when the new house is available, before the major moving-day.

He had also decided that we really needed carrying bags for Daniel's drums, to stop them getting damaged and also to protect them from dust etc while they're not being played. Those arrived Saturday morning, and Sophia, naturally, wanted to know what they were after we had put the drums inside:

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