Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wild life in Cyprus

Yesterday morning, when I got up, I noticed a large dead mouse deposited near the front door.


No doubt one of the cats caught it, brought it inside, and then decided not to eat it. Perhaps it was a gift. Perhaps it was a hint that we should go out and catch food rather than buying it from the supermarket. Thankfully Richard is now back from Egypt, so he dealt with it.

Later in the day, I heard Tim rushing around the house shutting all the windows and outside doors. He said he had seen Sophia with a large snake, wrestling in the geraniums. He did NOT want her bringing inside. I was happy to agree, and felt a bit nervous about going outside to bring in the laundry, since the geraniums are close by. However most snakes in Cyprus are harmless, and I assumed Sophia would probably have dealt suitably with the snake.

This morning, when I opened the kitchen window to let in some fresh air, I saw a dead snake outside.

The markings are like those of an adder, but I think it's a Cyprus cat-snake, as the head is fairly narrow. So it's harmless. Particularly when dead. I was greatly relieved, and went out to do some gardening.

Then Tim got up, took a look, and said that wasn't the snake he saw yesterday. Apparently the one he saw was much bigger. Uh-oh. So if there were two near the house, I wonder how many more there might be?

The prospect of moving to a house without a large garden is becoming more appealing all the time!

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