Saturday, January 27, 2007

Painted living room in guest apartment

Just in case anyone wonders whether we ever finished painting the living room in our guest flat - yes, we did! Richard put the second coat on the patchiest places on Saturday a week ago, on Sunday evening I organised the books we have down there, and on Wednesday this week I tidied and cleaned it. Then today I took some photos for the record.

This one shows what it looks like from the front door (the sliding door goes into the kitchen/dining room, which is now full of clutter from painting)

This is what the living room looks like facing the other way. Tim's old piano is there in the corner, and the door to the main guest room is on the left of the photo:

.. and since I never actually took a picture of the main guest room after we'd painted that (months ago now) and put up curtains, here it is. All that needs to be done is the removal of those strange-looking pipes in the floor!

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momto3cubs said...

Looks nice. And cozy :) I like the warm color.