Monday, February 05, 2007

.. and yet more rain!

Yesterday was fairly dry, though distinctly chilly. For the first time, we ran the central heating all day.

I awoke this morning to the sound of rain, yet again. Pretty noisy around here with so many metal carports. I go out to our PO box on Mondays, a walk of about 2km each way, mostly down a main road. The rain was still pouring down by 9am so I put on my kagoule, grabbed some plastic carrier bags for any mail, and took my umbrella. It wasn't too windy, so the umbrella protected most of me but by the time I got home again the legs of my jeans were drenched.

Still, it was actually quite exhilarating in a strange sort of way. Chilly, too. About half way to the Post Office I wished I'd thought to pick up some gloves.

The forecast is for more of the same with night-time temperatures down as low as 4C. We certainly need rain; there have been rumours of water restrictions again this summer, after a very dry December and January. I really hope this current rain will make sufficient difference. Of course there also needs to be snow in the Troodos mountains, which apparently provides most of the water for the reservoirs when it melts in the spring... but it's cold enough. And the SkiCyprus webcam is showing at least some snow.

For families planning to come to Cyprus from the UK for February half-term in the next couple of weeks ... make sure you bring waterproof clothes and warm jackets!

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