Saturday, February 03, 2007


Just in case anyone thought it was always warm and sunny in Cyprus, let me disillusion you.

January and February are usually somewhat chilly. 5-10C overnight, 12-20C in the daytime. And while the sun does shine most days, at least some of the time, there are other days when I start to wonder if we should be building an ark...

Of course it's hard to capture the extent of the rain in the rapid click of a camera shutter. Note that the sky is greyer than it looks, and the rain has been pouring down heavily since at least 3am this morning. I know because Sophia woke us up around that time. Whether she was worried about the noise, or telling me that one of the other cats was out, or hungry, or just wanting attention is unknown. Suffice it to say we were not impressed.

This is the 'view' from my study window, over the rooftops nearby, possibly showing a bit more of the rain. That vertical line slightly to the left of the centre is the drainage from the balcony outside our bedroom which is directly above the study.

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