Monday, November 26, 2007

First Christmas card in Larnaka (for us, anyway) and a missing cat

Today, the first Christmas card arrived.

I suppose it IS now less than a month until Christmas. I was beginning to think I should start writing cards, and typing up a newsletter, so as to send them out in the first week of December. But to receive a card today (and it was in our PO Box, so it could have been waiting there for a few days) someone must have been remarkably efficient.

On another subject, one of our cats has vanished. Jemima disappeared for three days once before - back in June 2005. She returned, but one of her legs was very strange for a week or so. Then she seemed to recover, and has been fine ever since.

I know I saw her on Saturday night, when I was making up a bed in the guest flat. I can't remember if I saw her on Sunday morning. When I get up, I usually let one cat out, and one cat in, and feed another.... with four of them, I don't always notice whether or not they're all around. Besides, Jemima sometimes does sleep most of the morning.

But when she didn't appear at lunch-time, I was surprised. By evening, I was getting concerned. Richard went around the neighbourhood looking for her, but to no avail.

We hoped she had got temporarily shut in somewhere, and would re-appear this morning, but she didn't. We just hope she hasn't injured her leg again, or worse...

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Buffy said...

I hope she turns up soon!