Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Looking back on most of November in Cyprus

It's now just over a month since we returned to Cyprus after our trip to Hong Kong and Malaysia. It feels like considerably longer.

About a week ago days ago, I made myself a list of things I wanted to complete by the end of November. There were around 35 items on the list, so I reckoned if I did four per day I would complete them all. Some of them were quick things which I knew I would do (such as paying various bills), and others a bit longer, but lists generally help me stay motivated. Or at least remind me of what needs to be done.

So far I have crossed off twelve items from the original list. I've also added in a further twelve, of which I have crossed off four. We're going to do a couple more this evening.

Evidently I'm not going to get anywhere near completing the list by the end of the month, but at least I know I've done several useful jobs that needed to be done.

In addition, I've been updating my book reviews blog with links to Amazon (both UK and USA) - partly in the vague hope that someone might order through them, giving me commission, but also because I think they look better with photos of the book covers.

Oh, and I've been sent three updates for Daniel's Doulos blog which I've now posted, along with photos. One of them ('How to make a rope ladder') was remarkably difficult to do, as he didn't tell me where any of the photos should go, and I didn't understand much of the jargon. Nor did I know what most of the photos were. Richard edited it and moved the photos to better places, but we're still not sure it's entirely correct. Daniel can blog from the Doulos himself, but the connection isn't very good and he can't upload photos easily. So he emails them to me. Usually he tells me where he wants them to go in his post, which makes life much easier.

Oh, and - so far - I've also managed to post at least one entry in this blog every day this month, which is the aim of 'National Blog Posting Month' (or NaBloPoMo).

Jemima still hasn't come back. It's strange how much I miss her; she was quiet, and peaceful, and didn't make her presence felt anything like as much as the other three do. I'm still hoping that she will reappear, but it's three days now.


Suzanne Moody said...

Thanks for posting everyday. I look forward to checking in. I'm sorry for your cats disappearance. I know what you mean about missing her presence. Wish you well on your list. I'm trying to be more diligent about listing..seems to make me more accountable.

Sue said...

Thanks for reading, and the comments! Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hope Jemima comes home soon.