Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Orphanides Express supermarket in Larnaka

For many years, there was been a small supermarket called Kleitos, about five minutes' walk from where we're now living. It was a useful place - smaller than main supermarkets (Metro, Orphanides, Carrefour and Sarris), but considerably bigger than the small grocery stores that are dotted around all over the town.

Here's what it looked like eight months ago:

Shortly after we moved here, we heard that Kleitos had been taken over by Orphanides. At first, the only difference was that it started selling Orphanides own brands, and I could use my Orphanides card to gather points at Kleitos.

Then, about six months ago, they started building an extension on the side. It looked a bit strange, and they didn't seem to be using it at all. Business continued as usual in the shop.

When we got back from our seven weeks out of Cyprus, at the end of October, we saw that Kleitos was being gutted. We weren't sure if it was being turned into something totally different, or whether it was merely refurbishing the supermarket. Since the main entrance was being blocked up, I wasn't quite sure what was going on.

I didn't go there that often - we do our main weekly shop at Metro, and I buy fruit and veg at a local Froutaria (greengrocer). But it was useful having Kleitos for times when Richard's away, since I don't drive, or when I forgot something at our main shop. It was also very useful for visitors in our guest flat.

About a week ago, a notice appeared, saying that the supermarket was operating and that the car park was around the side. Not that it stopped cars parking at the front, of course!

But when you get round the side, there's a smart-looking new entrance, and a car park which is newly tarmacked , though not yet finished.

I went there today, for the first time. I was impressed. It's now 'Orphanides Express' and seems to stock a lot of products; far more than Kleitos used to.

I shall probably be using it more frequently now.

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