Sunday, September 07, 2008

Another warm week in Cyprus

September. I somehow feel as if the weather should be Autumnal, but it's still hot. Less humid (thankfully) but still much too hot for me during the daytime.

Cyprus started to come to life again this week after the summer break. All the shops and businesses were open again, and some of the schools returned on Thursday. Others will be back next week. A lot of ex-pats are still away - it's generally cheaper to go at this time of year - but others have returned.

What have I done since I last wrote?

General house things: cleaning, laundry, cooking. Email, forums, a bit of chatting in Instant Messenger with both Daniel and Tim. Talking with Richard about temperament and interaction styles, so that he could help someone else understand about personality differences.

On Wednesday I had my hair cut at a local place. A good cut, but a terrible blow dry, and not particularly good value. Half an hour late starting, too. But very convenient in the hot weather when I really don't want to walk down-town more than I have to. Then some colleagues came to lunch. On Thursday I took our BGCM (the Bissell 'Big Green Cleaning Machine')_ to the church hall, to clean the three large rugs used by the mothers-and-toddlers group. That took a couple of hours, and was very warm work but well worth doing.

On Friday evening the house group meeting in our home re-started after the summer, and last night we went to the annual inter-church meal at the Aradippou picnic site. Excellent food, and it was good to catch up with some people we hadn't seen for a while. Good views over Larnaka, too:

.. and observant readers may notice I've chosen another similar view to turn into a new banner at the top of this blog, since the previous one was really a winter photo showing an empty beach.

I've also sorted out, uploaded and ordered from Kodak some prints of our last three months' photos, during the past week.

I hope, as the weather turns cooler, that I will get rather more done!

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Phil said...

At the moment warm Cyprus sounds very enticing, given the Autumnal weather in August and September here in the UK.

Here's to it cooling a little, for your comfort, but blue skies and sunshine when we come out to stay with friends in Limmassol this October.