Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ochi Day in Cyprus, and the first sweatshirt of the season

I just went and found a light sweatshirt to wear over my tee shirt.

Well, you might think, it's nearly November. The UK is having pretty cold temperatures at present, and in parts of the USA it's been freezing for some time.

But this is Cyprus, and the weather doesn't usually start to get chilly until the end of the first week of November.

Stranger still is that I must have acclimatised significantly, since the thermometer in the kitchen is showing 21C, which really isn't cold. That's about 70F, for anyone who still thinks in old currency.

However, I was beginning to feel very chilly. I was fine earlier: the sun was out, and it was apparently 22C. But that's the shade temperature, and it always feels warmer. But now the skies are grey, and we just had a brief rain shower.

Today is Ochi Day, which, translated, is 'No Day'. It's the anniversary of the day when the Greek leader of the time said 'No' to an ultimatum given by Mussolini. It's really a Greek celebration, but Cyprus loves public holidays so it's day off here too. Banks and businesses are closed, and many of the shops.

There was no toddler group this morning, and Richard went sailing, so it's felt like a Saturday to me. And, I think, to Sophia who is walking to and fro across the keyboard mewing as I type.

I did wander out, at around 10.15, to see if the parades had started. I thought I might even take a photo. But there was no sign. Not even people gathering. So I came home again - at least I had a pleasant twenty-minute walk in the warmth. I just hope the parades finished before the rain started.

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