Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas card

Our first Christmas card arrived this week. It's from a relative who always sends cards early, but I don't ever remember one coming in the middle of November.

It prompted me to think about Christmas again, although I don't expect any more cards for at least a couple more weeks. Tim has booked his flights home, so we're looking forward to seeing him. And of course I did make my Christmas cake. That was my gesture towards Christmas preparations. Oh, and we did sent a combined birthday/Christmas gift to Daniel some weeks ago. Too late for his birthday, but it may arrive before Christmas.

Today I made a small order from Amazon. I was going to order something from the Book Depository too, but while I was browsing, it went down for maintenance.

I need to make several more Amazon orders for various relatives. I need to make some mincemeat, and Christmas puddings. I must write our newsletter for this year, and send out cards, most of which will go to the UK. I don't usually think about this at all during November, and then rush to get it all organised in the first week of December. Usually overflowing into the second week. And maybe the third.

But it's possible I shall be away for the first week of December, so I'm trying to focus a little more on the fact that it's only a little over five weeks until Christmas....

I know some people seem to have everything prepared by about September, but I shall never be amongst their number. However, I'm quite enthusiastic about the thought of being ready by the end of November. If only I can stop procrastinating...

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Lora said...

I just got the envelopes all ready for my cards tonight. I'm expecting an unusually busy December, so I'm trying to get as many preparations for a nice simple Christmas holiday done while I can. Then of course we have our Thanksgiving holiday in just a week.