Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A little rain in Cyprus

We've had friends staying in our guest flat for the past two and a half weeks. They used to live in Cyprus, so they know the area well, and have plenty of other friends who are still here. We had a few meals with them, and introduced them to some of our new friends, but mostly they did their own thing.

For the whole time they were here, the sky was blue, the weather warm for November. Not hot enough to swim, or lie on the beach, but perfect for sitting outside to eat, going for walks, and perhaps doing a little shopping.

Today it felt distinctly cooler, and for most of the morning the sky was grey.

Richard took our visitors to the airport early this afternoon. The new Larnaka airport opened a couple of weeks ago, and now all flights are using it. He didn't go inside; he had to get back to the office, so he dropped them off outside. Was there more room, I wondered. Apparently not. He said that although there was more parking space than there was at the old airport, the drop-off area was chaos. He thinks it's probably smaller than the one at the old airport. Ah well... this IS Cyprus!

About the time our friends' flight was due to leave, I heard a few drops of rain. When I looked out a few minute later, the nearby roofs looked quite wet. I don't suppose the shower lasted more than about five minutes, but it felt distinctly cooler afterwards.

Perhaps, at last, Winter is going to start.

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