Monday, April 12, 2010

Out of Cyprus: afternoon in Brighton

While staying in Sussex, Richard wanted to visit the Chandlers at the Brighton Marina. I remembered going there some years ago, when we parked at one end... then walked what seemed like miles before we found the Chandler. Richard assured me we could park a bit closer... and indeed we did. But sadly, not a lot closer.

So we still had quite a walk along the marina - restaurants on one side, boats on the other. Lots and lots of dinghies and small yachts...

Not terribly interesting to me, but Richard loves looking at boats of all shapes and sizes.

After about a mile - I suppose - his mother was tired, and the weather was surprisingly warm so we sat on a bench while Richard went the last distance and browsed around the shop which we would also have found rather dull.

Then we went to Asda's to get some shopping, and drove through Brighton in a fair amount of traffic although it wasn't as busy as we'd expected:

After being out of the country for so long, I enjoy seeing the typical Brighton buildings which I would scarcely have glanced at 12 years ago:

And of course one has to spot the bizarre palace built at huge cost by the Prince Regent in the 18th century:

I'm not sure who this statue is... but it demanded a photo:

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