Monday, May 10, 2010

Summer is arriving all too fast in Cyprus

Having been away from Cyprus for most of April, it feels to me as if spring - such as it is - has gone, and summer is approaching all too fast. I popped out to the bank this morning, around 11 o'clock, and then on to the Froutaria to pick up some fruit and veg. I was wearing jeans and a tee-shirt, with sandals, and by the time I got home felt extremely warm.

Surely it shouldn't be like this in May?

Not that weather in Cyprus is entirely predictable, of course. But out of curiosity I checked the UK weather site for Larnaka. The ten-day forecast shows temperatures of around 26-28, with a high of 27 expected today. That's about normal. However when I looked at today's weather, it showed 31C. Which, of course, is shade temperature. Not surprising it felt extremely warm walking home in the sun.

I need to get back in my summer routine of doing any errands first thing, before it gets too hot.

(Note: If you happened to find this post by looking for something to do with summer weather in Cyprus, then you might find my web page weather in Cyprus: Summer (June, July and August) more useful. )

In the past week - when, thankfully, it wasn't so hot as this - I've been getting back into normal day-to-day life in Cyprus. I caught up with the accounts for the past month, and also the photos - uploading to both Facebook and Kodak Gallery. I did a lot of cleaning, and think I've finally got rid of the scent of cat that was permeating the house when we got home from our trip to the UK. It's inevitable when we go away, since stray cats tend to come in when there aren't any people around and leave their mark.

I bought some inexpensive (but good quality) french beans and tomatoes, about 3kg of each and spent one morning chopping and freezing them. Much more time consuming than I expected, but well worth doing. Buying frozen or canned vegetables is very expensive in Cyprus, and home-frozen ones are so much tastier.

I also made some lemonade, although lemons are nowhere near as abundant or cheap as usual for the time of year. And while I was expecting to make apricot jam, I haven't yet seen any apricots in the froutaria other than very expensive ones which don't look all that great.

We played some games in evenings, of course... Settlers with our friends (twice), Cities and Knights on our own (once) and a new game called Thurn and Taxis, which we had to teach ourselves slowly but which looks as if it has potential.

I've also been sorting out Daniel's room, since he's going to be home - volcano permitting - tomorrow, for about two months. We are very much looking forward to seeing him, of course. Richard had been using his room -off and on -as a study, so he cleared his things out earlier in the week. Over the weekend, the washing machine was running almost continually; unfortunately the cat smell was strong in Daniel's room. I discovered that not only did I need to clean the floor, very thoroughly, I had to wash a pillow, a sleeping bag, all his curtains, his rug, and even his beanbag. But they're all done now, and we're trying to keep his door shut at least for the next 24 hours.

Preparing Tim's room for Becky was much simpler since Tim was here at Christmas and it hasn't been used then; we keep his door shut when he's not here, so no cats have been in.

On Saturday we went to a friend's birthday party, and on Sunday had the same friends over here for our regular fortnightly gathering... and now it's Monday once more. I have quite a to-do list still, but at least it's shorter than it was when we arrived back from Cyprus.

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