Friday, November 05, 2010

Settlers by Skype, and a slightly confused cat

One of the problems of living in Cyprus is that we don't see our sons very much. They can't just pop home for a weekend, as they could if we were in the UK.

So I'm continually thankful for computers and other modern technology that allows us to be in regular contact. A few weeks ago I wrote about a game of Settlers we played with Tim, via Skype. It worked so well that we tried again last night. This time, we decided to use our dining room table, where there's more space, and where we didn't have to kneel on the floor to play. Richard didn't remember exactly what settings he used last time, but he set up my portable webcam on his computer, and also our video camera to focus on the Settlers board:

The picture of Tim didn't seem as clear as it was last time, and it didn't feel quite so comfortable having him sitting on the table... but still, it worked pretty well and was good to be able to chat while playing:

I win Settlers games far more often than I'm comfortable with. Earlier in the evening Richard and I had played our two-person version of Cities and Knights, and I won by rather a large amount. So I had decided I was NOT going to win this game, and indeed, for a while I was a point or two behind the others.

So although at one point I could have won, I decided (and told them) that I'd rather prolong the game a little longer, and did a different move that gave me 11 points rather than the winning 12.

I was glad I did, since in the next round Tim managed to win with 13 points:

I cleared the game away, while Richard and Tim talked more about the technology, and which chat programs worked best, and how to make the sound better, and other such geeky stuff.

Tessie evidently heard Tim's voice, and jumped onto the table (not that she's allowed to do that... ) and stared at the computer:

Tessie is Tim's cat, primarily. She looked rather confused. He called her, and she actually walked right over and sniffed at the screen:

Then, knowing from the scent that Tim was nowhere to be found, she jumped down and started washing.

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