Saturday, November 10, 2012

Another early morning walk by the Salt Lake

I realise that people who follow this Cyprus blog regularly may be getting a little bored with my regular mention of early morning walks and sunrises. So I did hesitate awhile before deciding on today's photos and post.  Perhaps, if I had not been challenging myself to write daily, I might not have posted yet more photos on this topic. 

But early morning walks are giving me a new appreciation of the talent of the Master Artist, and it seems only fair to share a tiny fraction of the beauty as captured (a poor imitation) by my camera.  

This morning one of the ladies staying in our guest flat joined Sheila and me at 6.00, shortly after it was light; she wanted a good walk and had not yet been to the Salt Lake trail. It was almost chilly.. but not yet cool enough to add a long-sleeved top or jeans to my usual tee-shirt and shorts. 

The sky wasn't red this morning (so perhaps it won't rain today...). But there were large puddles on ground, in places which had dried up over the summer.  There was also an attractive pink to the early morning sky, although I really took this picture for the sake of the pool which - if the rain continues - will spread out and join the Salt Lake to make it seem much bigger over the winter.

Ten minutes or so later the cloud formations were a different and the sky turning to orange:

While this wasn't as awesome as the sunrise I mentioned at the end of October, but it was still rather attractive:

I do like the way that digital photos enable me to point the camera right at the sun while looking in the little viewfinder at the back, so I can take photos of this sort quite safely. 

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