Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyprus seasons: Winter approaches

It was only just over three weeks ago when I wrote about the weather, finally, getting a little cooler in Cyprus. 'A little cooler' meant that the highest daytime temperatures were under 30C.  I switched from shorts to jeans, and put the thin duvet on our bed.

Now the summer is well and truly past - and it's happened gradually, yet within a short period.  The highest daytime temperatures are no more than about 20-22C now, down as low as 10 overnight.  So we have a warmer duvet on our bed.  I'm wearing a sweatshirt all day long, and socks with shoes rather than flip-flops or sandals. If we go out in the evening, I wear a fleece on top of my sweatshirt.

Our ceiling fans,which ran all summer, are now still; they'll only be used for lighting in the next few months:

Soup, something I didn't even want to think about over the summer, is now a regular part of our diet:

Richard has started to think about cleaning and servicing our central heating, so we can start using that soon. 

At our cell group on Friday, we found a roaring fire on YouTube, which helped at least two of us feel slightly warmer... slightly to the bemusement of others who must be less prone to the power of suggestion.

Jacob thought it most amusing when he arrived in from youth group...

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