Thursday, November 08, 2012

Red sky in the morning...

I woke at about 5.30am this morning, while it was still almost entirely dark. After I'd thrown on some clothes for walking, and made my coffee, I peeped out of the window. I could see signs that the sun was thinking about rising; the time was around 5.45:

For some reason, the old rhyme popped into my mind:
'Red sky at night, shepherds' delight;
Red sky in the morning, shepherds' warning' 
There have been several red skies recently, both morning and evening, but the weather has continued warm and sunny, the skies blue, the temperature in the daytime around 25-28C.  It must be very confusing for any shepherds who happen to live in Cyprus.

I remember from past years that the first week of November is usually when the weather breaks, and it starts to feel decidedly cooler, but here we are on the 8th and even at this early hour it felt as if it were going to be another pleasant day.

By 6.00, just as I set out for another walk with my friend Sheila, I took another picture of the sky, lighter but still quite red:

We're still both wearing tee shirts and shorts, and although I've felt slight goose pimples and a chill in the air on one or two occasions recently, it seemed just perfect today; cool but not chilly. About 18C, I suppose.

Around 6.30 as we were on our way back from the aqueduct, the sky was quite pretty so I took another picture:

I've never seen so many sunrises in my life as I have since I started these early morning walks. I hadn't really taken in that they can be just as gorgeous as sunsets; sometimes even more so. 

And for once, the red sky turned out to be correct. Although the morning was warm and sunny, it started clouding over by lunch-time, and there were a few spots of rain around 2.00pm.  By 4.00 there was lightning and thunder, and then the first real rain of the month.  We even had some come through our roof over the stairs, though thankfully not too much. 

The weather channel forecast for Larnaka is now predicting highs of no more than 22-24C in the next ten days, with night-time temperatures as low as 13. Perhaps, at last, we really are into Autumn in Cyprus.

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