Thursday, September 19, 2013

More early morning sunrise photos...

So, now I've started walking again three times per week with my friend Sheila, there are lots more sunrises to capture with my camera and attempt to display to the rest of the world who prefer to sleep as the sun makes its way over the horizon.

We saw this last week, while returning from the aqueduct:

Not yet as pretty as sunrises with cloud formations but still, rather stunning.

That morning, I agreed to do the other 'half' of the walk - to the Airport Road and back.  The Salt Lake is completely dry this year, although sometimes the light makes it look as though there were water in it. It's just dried up salt, however:

Of course, each day the sunrise gets a few minutes later, so setting off at six means that it's now fairly dark for the first few minutes.  Not actually as dark as this photo suggests: Sheila pointed out the full moon, low on the horizon, so I attempted to take a picture:

It never works. I should know by now. But I thought the effect of the moon overhead and the car lights along the road was quite interesting, nonetheless.

The sky was actually more like this at the time, with streaks of sunlight beginning to show: 

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Anvilcloud said...

It's tough taking low light shots with a compact camera, but we get the idea. If you keep walking at the same time, you'll really be in the dark.