Thursday, January 14, 2016

Larnaka Salt Lake and the flamingoes

This morning I went on another walk with Sheila, and there seemed to be even more flamingoes on the Salt Lake. The first picture was taken while the sun wasn't quite up (although it was quite light) and you'll have to click the photo to see a somewhat larger version if you want to see actual flamingoes. But that pink blob is probably five thousand or more:

flamingoes in the distance

Work is evidently going on beyond the aqueduct:

work being done near the aqueduct in Larnaca

We assume it's more sewerage pipes being laid, but these pipes seem to have been sitting there for quite some time:

pipes near the aqueduct in Larnaka

There wasn't much cloud so the sunrise wasn't all that spectacular, but I can never resist a picture...

sunrise over the Salt Lake in Cyprus

Here's another shot of the flamingoes, taken when the sun was a bit higher on the way back:

pink flamingoes in the distance on Larnaka Salt Lake

And for those who want to know how flamingoes sound, here's some rather shaky video I took:

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