Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Working Sons

One of the great benefits to home education is that the boys can follow their interests and do voluntary or paid work as and when it crops up. So Dan's working for Antidote Theatre this year - not full-time, and not paid much, but it's useful experience. This morning he had two theatre performances in Nicosia - at different schools, so it was a bit chaotic and he was pretty tired by the time he got back at lunchtime. However he still went out to his stage combat class afterwards. When he got back he spent quite a bit of time working on a poster for the 'Kids Fest' - the day when the children's classes at the theatre put on their end-of-year performances for family and friends.

Tim went into Richard's office for most of the day, to help one of the other people with various computer problems. Tim has the right sort of mind for software support and seems to understand better than anyone else around what needs to be done when there are problems. Some people have an instinct for recognising what's gone wrong or what needs to be downloaded, and Tim is one of them. He said he enjoyed it although it's a lengthy process and he'll be spending most of tomorrow at the office too.

So I've had a peaceful day at home, mostly on my own, and was thinking how odd it is to have two sons who are quite capable of being employed... and legally beyond the age of having to be educated.

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