Tuesday, March 29, 2005


On Sunday one of the side-frames of Tim's glasses broke. He mended it temporarily with masking tape but said he would need to see if the optician could mend it on Monday morning. Richard wasn't free to go with him, so Tim said he'd go alone. He pointed out that he hadn't had his eyes tested for a couple of years, and said that if it was going to cost a lot to have his frames mended it might be a better idea to get some new glasses anyway. I said to go ahead....

Monday mid-morning he went out, and returned about an hour later. His glasses had been glued - at no cost, but he had been told the fix would only last a day or two. So he had his eyes tested, and also ordered some new glasses! I wouldn't have thought someone of 16 could do that kind of thing in the UK, but this is Cyprus... and of course they know Richard. It's all very friendly and relaxed.

I was a little worried when Tim said he had ordered blue frames, rather different from his old ones, since none of us had checked whether they suited him. But he got them today, and they look fine. As he assures us, he has good taste! It's dark blue metal, nothing dramatic.

The cost was £90 including the eye test, and a special anti-glare type coating or whatever it is they do to make it safer to use computers. I know they'd be free in the UK (although there would be less choice in frame) but I don't think this is bad value.

Richard took Tim this afternoon to pay for these new glasses, and while he was there had his own eyes tested and ordered some varifocals as he gets so annoyed having to change glasses all the time. They come to £160, and again I believe that's better value than in the UK. But would be interested to know if anyone cares to comment, since we do usually have a few weeks in the UK every year or two.

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