Wednesday, May 18, 2005

But ordinary life still happens too....

When something new happens that demands my time and emotional energy, I throw myself into it but then somehow forget about everything else I need to do. When I was doing all the food freezing last week, I didn't do anything in the garden. When I'm into gardening a lot, I barely remember to cook let alone do any housework. And (ahem!) when I'm reading a good book or switch the computer on too early in the day, it's hard to get anything much done at all.

Anyway, these seven orphan kittens seem to have taken over my energies since last Saturday, even though my actual time spent with them is only a couple of hours per day. But I peep out of the window at them, I think about them, I write about them, I find sites about them, I talk about them. But ordinary everyday life has to continue too!

So today I went to the supermarket again as we'd run out of various things which I didn't buy last Friday (there's a limit to what I can carry when Richard's away so we can't go in the car). Tim did a History test for his coursework for which he got 100%, however he said it was quite easy. Dan spent most of the morning working on a friend's clarinet which needed some repairs. He's being very careful only to do the simpler tasks such as replacing pieces of cork, and he's checking with his two books every stage of the way, as well as searching the archives of the clarinet forum. He's keeping notes of everything he does, too. And he says he's thoroughly enjoying it! So I guess he can say he started his career properly today, although of course he won't be doing any paid repair work for some time, probably not until he's done one of the relevant courses.

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Lora said...

I am so like that! Thankful my husband is the same way, so when I start dropping everything for a project he doesn't notice because he's off on one himself.