Saturday, June 11, 2005


I don't feel as if I've sat down much today. I got up early to feed the kitties as usual, then we had to go to the supermarket to do our weekly shop since Richard was too busy yesterday, catching up with work and also going with Dan to the hospital for his vaccinations. Oh, and I had to print the church bulletin which I produce every week, and photocopy it at our friendly local stationer.

Daniel produced a list of things he thinks he'll need before going on the Doulos, so we then went out by car to look for some of them. We did easily find him a pair of trainers (not always easy as his feet are rather bigger than the average Cypriot!) and also some sandals, at a discount shop called the Shoe Emporium.

Then we went to try and find him a mobile phone with international roaming service, but that wasn't such a success. There are two mobile service providers here in Larnaka. The one Richard prefers is a newish one (new to Cyprus, anyway) called Areeba. But when we asked if their service would work in Tanzania and Mozambique, they went through a lengthy list of countries that weren't even alphabetical, and couldn't find them. I'm not sure the girls in the shop even knew where those countries are!

So we went over the road to CYTA, the main phone company who have been around a lot longer. Unfortunately their mobile shop was closed. Still, when we got home we had a look online and found that their service does cover the countries Dan's going to, so we'll try again on Monday. Of course we need to buy an actual phone first... up to now he's resisted having a mobile, but agrees that it would be very useful when travelling. He just wants something small and basic, that does ordinary phoning and texts... surely there must be something amongst the many hundreds of designs that would suit his needs.

Saturday's early closing day in Cyprus (or at least in Larnaka) so we couldn't continue shopping in the afternoon.

To my delight when we arrived back for lunch, my missing cat Jemima had reappeared again and was asleep on one of the bookcases. She looked much better than she did when we saw her on Wednesday, and then spent a lot of the afternoon insisting I carry her around and cuddle her. Which made it rather difficult when watering the garden, as I did this evening!

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Lora said...

So glad that Jemima has reappeared. It sounds like she missed you.