Monday, January 28, 2008

Daniel is back in Cyprus!

Richard and Daniel arrived on a flight from Heathrow this afternoon, amidst rain and wind - really the first rain we've had this month. Richard has been away for nearly two weeks, but Daniel's been away for two years, and has never seen this house. It seems very strange to him, having left from one home, and returning to somewhere completely different - where the rest of us have been living for 18 months now.

Sophia, who always used to be Daniel's cat, was well aware that something was going on. When Richard phoned to say they were just waiting for their luggage at the airport, she mewed and purred, and ran around, not quite sure what to do with herself.

She's been sitting on or with Daniel since then... probably when he returns to the Doulos in April she'll come back to being a family cat, but in the meantime she's his cat alone.

Cleo was pretty pleased to see him too. Tessie didn't really notice. But then Tessie is happy to sit on just about anyone who comes to the house.

So nice to be a whole family again, if only for two or three months.

Tim and I are both pretty much over the flu now, too, so I hope we're no longer infectious. I still feel rather weak, but otherwise back to normal.

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itsboopchile said...

Oh, I know the feeling when one of the flock comes back after a long stay away.
Drop everything and enjoy.
Betty G