Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer will arrive in Cyprus very soon

After a warmer-than-usual (and much dryer) Winter in Cyprus, and a very pleasant Spring, it feels as if Summer is upon us. It's only a few degrees warmer than it was last week (perhaps 28-29C rather than 24-25C) but it's beginning to feel muggy. Tim and I both felt very tired and headachey yesterday, and I felt over-warm at times. Today two or three other people mentioned how sticky they were, and this evening around 5pm I felt that rush of humidity that always comes in the evenings during Cyprus summers.

I hope it's just a brief foretaste of things to come, rather than Summer itself - sometimes even early June can be relatively dry and pleasant - but it is the last week of May, so I suppose I should have been expecting it.

This week I'll switch our warm duvet for the thin one, and I suppose we should get the air conditioning serviced. We haven't even used the ceiling fans yet but will probably do so within the next few days.


Anonymous said...

I arrived here, just looking for information about Cyprus... Nice work, and I hope the summer doesn't become sticky...

Anonymous said...

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