Sunday, October 12, 2008

Barn Dance in Larnaka

Most of this week was similar to every other week, but on Friday there was a church-run barn dance at the Blue Wave restaurant. Very well organised, with a hot buffet and plenty of dancing, although no barn dances that I recognised. Live music made it all the more enjoyable, and the caller was good.

Barn dancing is fun partly because it's so informal - it doesn't matter if people make mistakes, or go the wrong way, or forget who is 'first couple'. In one of the dances, our set was in a corner where the caller couldn't really see us. For some reason the first couple hadn't grasped the essence of 'casting off' (ie turning outwards and skipping down the outside of the line), so instead of casting off and then making an arch, they made an arch and the rest of us went through it in a different order. It worked... and by the time Richard and I got to be first couple, it was easier to stick with the dance we'd been doing for three turns than to follow the correct instructions!

Since we danced almost all the time (when we weren't eating) I didn't get around to taking any photos.

We were glad it wasn't any earlier in the year. Some people looked fairly hot and sticky after some of the more energetic dances, but although we joined in almost everything, we didn't feel too hot - just pleasantly warm. A month ago it would have been exhausting with the heat and humidity.

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Suzanne said...

Sounds like in Kansas we call it square dancing!