Saturday, November 08, 2008

Red and pink flowers abound in Cyprus in November

If March is yellow month in Cyprus, I think November should be designated as pink month.

As I walked to the local supermarket a day or two ago, which is probably less than half a kilometre away, I was struck, suddenly, by just how many different pink plants were in bloom. These weren't the weeds of the spring - there hasn't yet been enough rain for wild flowers to bloom. These are cultivated plants, mostly, in people's front gardens.

First, here's our bi-coloured bougainvillea, in a pot on the porch, doing fairly well still:

Here's a gorgeous pink rose from a house not far away:

Something that looks like British 'pinks' - I don't know what the proper name is:

Some red hibiscus:

I think these are oleander, though I'm never entirely certain:

No idea what this is, with the spiky leaves:

Here's a magnificent bougainvillea growing up the side of a house:

Something that looks like impatiens (busy lizzies) gone wild, as some plants do in Cyprus:

A very showy plant here, though I don't know what it is:

And finally, although it's not pink and only has a bit of red, these bird of paradise plants are stunning.

Of course it's a little embarassinging to admit that the only reason I recognise them as bird of paradise plants is from the 'Lil Green Patch' application on Facebook...


MsTypo said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! I'm eternally jealous of people who can make things grow since i generally have the opposite effect on plants. LOL

Thank you so much for your feedback!! :) We finally picked up a guidebook and are busy planning. *bounce*

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! Lovely picture of those flowers...

Steve Hayes said...

Bogainvilias in your autumn? That's strange - they are spring flowers here.

And those last ones, we call strelitzias, I think.