Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life in Cyprus gets back to normal

Last week a strange kind of rash developed on my face, from about Monday until Sunday. I bumped into a friend in the local supermarket, and some other people we know in Metro on Friday. And we had friends over for a meal Friday evening. All of them stared at me in horror and asked what on earth I had done. Thankfully it started to fade on Sunday and is mostly gone by now.

I feel just about back to normal, like life in general. On Saturday I ironed the Christmas tablecloths and packed them away. On Sunday Richard finished the last of the Christmas cake, so I cleaned the large container and put that away.

Also on Sunday, our first guests of the year arrived to stay in our downstairs flat. They are an American couple who used to live in Larnaka and belonged to our house group. They've been in the US for a while and will shortly be returning to where they currently live in the Middle East.

On Monday I went to the Post Office as usual, and then to the first meeting of the year for the Larnaka Christian Writers' Association. In the afternoon I did the accounts, and caught up with email... and we hit a problem with our UK online banking, which Richard tried (in vain) to solve in the evening, at great length. We had some friends over for a meal, and I used up the last of our mincemeat making a mincemeat upside-down cake for dessert.

This morning I went to Tots, the mother-and-toddler group where I help out in the kitchen. At lunchtime, Richard spent considerable time on the phone being passed from pillar to post around our UK bank, being told different stories and still not restoring access to our online banking. It was mid-afternoon before he finally got through to someone who actually did what he could to help. Whether or not it will remains to be seen.

Tim sent me a report to proof-read, and I caught up with more email, blog-reading, Facebook applications, and so on.

The weather is still chilly, no more than about 15C during the daytime, but a great deal pleasanter than it was. It almost feels as if Spring might be on its way.

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Steve Hayes said...

As normality returns, perhaps you could think of adding your other blogs to your Blog Catalog page -- it would make them easier to find and remind me to look at them sometimes :-)

And if you add the widget to your sidebar you can see who visits your blog(s).