Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rain in Cyprus... again!

The early part of March was Spring-like, sunny and starting to get warm.

On Sunday this week, however, it turned distinctly chilly. I set out for church wondering whether or not to take my fleece, in addition to wearing a sweater. I was very glad I did. I wondered if I should have taken an umbrella too, since by the time I arrived it was somewhat overcast. But it didn't rain on Sunday.

I checked the temperature, and found it was only 16C. Pretty cold for Cyprus at the end of March.

I was mildly amused to read that the UK apparently had a heatwave on Sunday. People were flocking to beaches, and shedding their sweaters to go out in their gardens for the first time. The temperature? 15C. Evidently I have acclimatised more than I had realised.

It's stayed chilly here all week. Today was even colder. I put an extra thin sweater on under my warm hooded fleece, and by mid-morning had added a fleece too, and that's without going out of the house. All morning the sky became increasingly greyer, and it's now pouring with rain.

All good stuff from the point of view of the reservoirs, of course (assuming that there's also rain in Limassol and Paphos) but not much fun for visitors to Cyprus.

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